Mouse over dissapear

Hello, not a major thing, but mouse-over image disappear on my looks like it shows at the edges but above the banner, you aint seeing a finger...which here for more...

maybe someone has the same issue (152.2 KB)

Would it be possible to attach a zip of your .hype document to look at its construction?

Also, I don't see any changes when I mouse over that document. Can you let me know what specific area to mouse over and what the expectation is? Maybe you could make a small screen capture video? Thanks!

Its strange, not every time..
ive tried it with safari and chrome

this was filmed in safari

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Ah, thanks for the video - gotchya!

I've definitely seen this type of behavior on occasion, but never been able to pinpoint it. Sometimes it just goes away after a while (maybe a restart).

For right now, I can't reproduce it with your document, at least when previewing to Safari or Chrome on macOS 12.6.

  • What version of macOS are you using, and what is your input device?
  • Also, what is your preview environment exactly? Are you just opening up the .html file as a file:/// URL, or is it being placed in some ad preview environment that might be messing with things?
  • If you try in a private browser window with no extensions (or things like ad blockers) does it work?

okay thanks, im working on a iMac late 2019 with Catalina..(I'm a slow updater...when it works, it works :wink:

the dissapear is not always, but when I see it again, I will try it from .html
in HTML5 Validator
and also in private setting..

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I feel like I haven't seen it in a while personally. Let me know if it continues to pop up for you. I'm surprised it happens on both Chrome and Safari though.

Imho if the Os version updates are not known to break any of your critical apps then it is best to update.

The updates continuously address issues in their frameworks that lead to issues like this and most likely cannot or are not addressed properly older os versions.

Things like webkit /Safari for example will at some point get stuck on a outdated version that is never updated. Like I think it is already in High Sierra, which is the OS below yours…

Also vendors of apps generally keep their Apps updated taking into account changes in the os that help improve their apps and counter bugs
The same changes may not be applied to the app on older versions.

So generally it is always best to keep updated.
Although even I may wait a short while to see what people report before I do.