Morphing vector shapes

Hi! Tumult 4.0 is wonderful! I like morphing vector shapes. Is it possible to morph colours?


Record, move timeline, change colors. You can also morph gradients :rainbow:

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THANK YOU!!! Works fine!!


Can you import from Illustrator as a vector shape and morph that? I want to be able to morph one word to another word if possible. Is there a way to make compound shapes in Hype? Like an ā€œeā€?


Not presently, but we know the importance of both of those feature requests!

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I would appreciate this function too. More possibilities for morphing of SVG, EPS, AI files.


Has the feature to import vectors and morp been implemented yet (or in the roadmap)?

Welcome into the Hype community. I am anxiously looking forward to the answer to your question as I have the same one!

We don't pre-announce features or discuss their release dates, but being able to more broadly import vector files as editable hype vector shapes is pretty much the top request. Thanks!

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