Mobile orientation

Hi. I just created a draft site and i created several layout for tablet and desktop resolutions. When i rotate my phone (2340 x 1080 px) shirinking all layout instead of using my layout whooms brakepoint is 2300px. How can i describe this is becouse it is not understanding this resolution changed becouse orientation or is there any something i should add as a code to head?

These are the screenshot from my phone to describe my issue clearly. (464.5 KB)
this is the hype project I'v been working on. May it helps.

i'd guess for the viewport-tag.
currently it is width=device-height ... i'd suggest width=device-width

Thanks for reply. Are we talking about this section? I'v changed and deployed to server but orientation issue still exist.

just to verify that the new version is loaded ... try a cachebuster as URL ...

I did it but result is same. What did i do wrong you think?

hm, the so named iPad Portrait-Layout will be shown from 768 up to 1280 px ... so any landscape layout will only be shown above those 1280. this'll only affect the iPad-Pro-12.9" with its 1366 width ...

Decreasing brakepont res or deleting this layout will fix it i guess