Mobile compatibility for audio and video

Hello! It has come to my attention that the innerhtml that I have been using for audio and video will not work on iphones or androids. I am not using the video and audio elements because I need to auto play + sync each audio/video to the timeline of its scene. So, I need to add some code to the innerhtml so that it is compatible with Iphones and Androids (for video and audio). I’m wondering what that code is? I have not been able to discern what that would be with my research.

This is kind of urgent - Thank you so much!

When you say not working, it is unclear what you mean. Could you expand on this?

An assumption would be that the video/audio won’t autoplay and this is because iOS devices will not allow this (unless the video contains no audio) it’s not a Hype thing but an iOS thing.

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