Mixed Content error for HYPE-520.thin.min.js

Hi there,

Problem with Chrome Mac/Windows (latest)
We’re using Cloudflare and the link to the hype-520.thin.min.js is going through http:// rather than https:// resulting in it not loading. Everything else on the site is running https:// fine.

Looks like the hype_generated_script.js loading them with http:// rather than https://

Any ideas?


The protocol used should be the same as how the hype_generated_script.js file is loaded. Can you make sure that that file (in your embed code for your document) is loaded either without a protocol or with https? Do you have an example page I can test?

It’s loaded via a relevant path without a protocol, so it should be fine as the generated_script is loading fine on https://

The top attempt using capitals (in screenshot) to GET the HYPE-520.thin.min.js uses https:// however it is 'cancelled’
But the bottom attempt (in screenshot) using lowercase ‘hype’ uses http:// to GET fails due to the http://

I’m aware this is probably a result of using cloudflare, just wondering if I can mitigate it with hype.

I’ve PM’d you the page. Hope that’s alright.

It was a problem with the web.config file on the server as a result of using no extensions on webpages. Needed to create an exception for the hype.min file.

Fixed now,