Many scenes vs one scene - performance

I am limited with what I can do with scenes, transitions and returning to previous states when I use multiple scenes.
I’ve noticed that all elements of all scenes are loaded anyway, but they just have the display: hidden instead of block.

I am wondering if Scenes are just for the developer being able to categorise and group everything, or if it’s for speeding up the document.

I would like to know the difference in performance between many scenes and just one scene - irrespective of the designer managing/organising everything on only one scene.

Does it slow down having 1 scene, or does it actually speed up?

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Scenes are more intended as organizational benefit than a performance improvement.

There are probably some practical circumstances that would make multiple scenes faster:

  • from an animation perspective, there could be more timelines and animation data that Hype’s runtime needs to process
  • because scenes use a single display:hidden on the entire div, there’s less you need to do to specifically hide/show elements from that scene (and potentially other calculations the browser has to make with more elements).

My general recommendation is always to use the techniques that make editing/manipulating easy first, and if performance is an issue to deal with that later. Sometimes it won’t be an issue, so you’re making editing/iteration harder which can ultimately hurt the creative work.