Manipulate external DOM from embedded hype document

I want to be able to manipulate the DOM of the page that my hype document is embedded in. How would I go about doing this? Specifically, I’m looking to hide or show elements in the page or insert HTML in to a page element after a user clicks on something within the Hype document.


Try this. (114.7 KB)

Thank you! That worked for me.

Although I just realized it only worked entirely in firefox, not in chrome. Sorry about that, the tests weren’t very thorough :wink:

Well I used the basic principle and it works fine in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I haven’t tested it in IE but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work there. What part of your hype document doesn’t work in Chrome. I never really tested it out - I just used the basic concept.

I guess I was too tired yesterday, here’s what happened:
I downloaded the archive I had previously uploaded and tried it out locally. It only worked in firefox, chrome and safari didn’t hide the element outside the iFrame. And didn’t check closer and wrote my comment here.

Now I checked again, and only now I remember that before uploading the archive here I had also tested it by uploading it to a server - where it does work fine. Locally, it doesn’t work so well, because of this error:

Some browser-safeguarding together with not-enough-sleep tripping me up there :slight_smile: