Making hype banners works with Drafthorse CMS

Hi I was wondering how I could make my hype banners compatible with the Drafthorse system. They require I add special attributes to the html tags on elements but afaik all these elements are generated by hype in the html. I’m worried if I try and edit the javascript and go to upload the creative it won’t pick up the attributes as it’ll be scanning the HTML and won’t see it in the javascript. Has anyone else managed to do something similar?

Alternatively is there a way I could make the editable elements outside of HYPE in the html and import it’s contents into the text box via Javascript would that be a better solution?

Do you have a link or documentation on this? I could not find any CMS systems called “drafthorse” aside from a magazine about horses.

In general, a lot of systems that require static attributes may rely on static parsing or reading the DOM at a time before Hype has dynamically created the elements. Usually leveraging a dynamic API is required.