Made with Hype Badge?

Adobe Muse has a “Made with Adobe Muse” badge you can choose to add to your site. Perhaps Hype should offer the same thing? Don’t you guys want some publicity?

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In general we want your content to shine, but we’re always happy when users want to promote the tools they use!

Story time - actually, we included a “Built with Hype” watermark link since v1.0. We got some strong advise to enable it by default, though this was against our better judgement. Even though there was both an export option and general preference to disable it, we received a mountain of support emails about this with many people justifiably mad thinking there was no way to disable it. So we quickly changed it to be opt-in instead.

For many years we kept it, but there were still downsides:

  • Some users accidentally enabled it and then this still required support
  • It’s implementation took up about 400 bytes in the runtime, and some users (ad-tech) are extremely file size conscious. We’d rather spend those bytes on features.
  • It added complexity in two spots to Hype that from a UI perspective I did not think was worth the complexity when most users would never turn it on.

So we decided to yank it in Hype v3.5.

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Is there an official PNG badge somewhere that users could elect to add as a graphic?

Fair enough! I’m very impressed with Hype and it certainly deserves to be credited for the sites it creates.

The press kitt has some nice stuff, I used to create a link banner on my site.
Press kit can be found here:

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I just made some minor updates to the Press Kit and included a “#BuiltWithHype” badge:


Feel free to use them and link to the Hype website. You can also use the Hype app icon from the press kit, as long as it link/represents the product or your usage. Thanks!