Loss of ability to click in Internet Explorer


I have created a 9 panel site where when clicked each box grows on the first click, spins on the second click, then shrinks back on the third click.

The problems i’m having is only in internet explorer (big surprise there). The first issue was the z-index. Using your feedback, i believe that i was able to get that working. The current issue is once i click one of the panels, i lose all ability to click beyond that point. There is an image/button to continue that particular timeline. But it isn’t clickable. I even tried placing a button at the very top of the z-order and it is still is not clickable. I can even select the text on the test button, but not click it.

here is a link to the current state. http://doitalld.com/premera/MS_card_turn_v9.html

I have been mainly working on the center panel. That way i know it is moving in front of all the other panels. That panel has some extra code that the others don’t.

I have a zipped file, but it won’t attach because it is 11MB. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.



Also, note that the file size is so large because of the inability to rotate on the Y axis in some of the browsers. I used a workaround from a past forum where i created a sort of filmstrip using transparent GIFs and a group as a mask. I had to use over 100 GIFs to achieve the animation.


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Can you try uploading it to dropbox (or your server) and sharing? It’d be easiest to look at the .hype document to determine what might be happening. Thanks!



Ya… the size is brutal, but it actually loads faster than i expected.

here is the path to the zip: http://doitalld.com/premera/MS_card_turn_v9.zip

i really appreciate your advice.



I’ve tried so many different options, but still no luck with explorer. Anyone have any ideas? I am under some serious pressure to have this completed and working by end of week.

thanks again


Hi @doitalld,

Can you share the Hype document? or can you explain what you are using for the effect so we may help in determining what’s up :wink:



The link to the zip is in the previous post. Let me know if you don’t see it.

Thanks again for you help or advice.



But it doesn’t contain the hype document just the exported html and resources :smile:

We need to see the .hype file



Here’s a quick rundown of the issue:

I had some zindex issues, but was able to fix that. Now the issue is that once you click a tile, you lose all ability to click any further. I have been mainly working with the center tile. It has extra code that the other tiles don’t. I even tried adding a button at the very top level, but still nothing. It’s like there is an empty div floating above everything, or the JavaScript is freezing.

Thanks again


my bad. here ya go: doitalld.com/premera/MS_panel_turn_project.zip



Hi doitalld

Have a look at this. An adaptation of mine that flips elements. I substituted a few things ( namely your pics).

panel_flip.hypetemplate.zip (174.9 KB)

See if this can help in any way for now. I’ll have a look into the IE 7,8,9,10 issues tomorrow.



This works very well! Much more efficient than mine. I could never get the Y rotation to work in IE. Hence the use of all the GIFs. I think if i add my z-index scripts to this, it will work perfectly. Hopefully i don’t hit the same wall again.

Huge thanks for your help. I will keep you updated on my progress.



I have placed the z-index stuff in there so each element is above the other :wink: