Looping a timeline with <> buttons

I have an interactive timeline containing clickable objects (named: Ruler Timeline).
On the main timeline I have buttons which move the Ruler timeline forward and backward.
I’d like to loop the Ruler timeline so then when it reaches the end it starts again from the beginning (with a timeline action), and when it reverses to the beginning it loops back to the end. Currently I can only loop in one direction, either forward or backwards.
See: www.moshecaine.net/blmj3d
Any suggestions?

You could build 3 Timelines/Scenes to jump true.

Thanks for the reply, not clear. Could you elaborate?

On sceneload have the timeline jump to 0.02 seconds and then continue.

Place a timeline action at 0 seconds to start the timeline in reverse and place a timeline at the end which jumps to 0.02 seconds and continues.

The continuation part is optional

Not at my mac at mo so cannot double check this

I’ll build one tomorrow.

Many thanks. I’m also not on my Mac.
Will check tomorrow.

Thanks again.

Thanks Mark. The Forward works, but not the reverse.


I just made one now.

The set up is

on scene load: go to 00:00.02 seconds on timeline.

example timeline is 4s duration.

At the 00:00.00s add :

at the 00:04.04s add:

runForwardReverse.hype.zip (29.0 KB)

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You beat me to it. /bow Mark. :slight_smile:

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Dear Mark
Many thanks.
I see where my mistake was. The timeline action at the end has to be positioned a bit beyond the point at which the first timeline action aims to.
Thanks again

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