Loop GIF Animation


I have GIFs and I want them looping all the time. Just put them there and they’d just stop after a complete loop. What should I do?
Lot of thanks to who read and help.

(Thomas Lundin) #2

I use animated GIFs in loop. I use Photoshop to create the GIFs.

Photoshop seems very good at creating high quality. It works well with short video-fragments as well.

It just works in Hype and the common browsers including mobile ones, if the loop attribute is set in Photoshop.

Can it be something with the GIF format of your files?…


I don’t know, maybe it is because of my GIF, but in OS X’s Quick View, they keep looping. The GIFs are created by my friend so I’ll ask him for some other formats. Hope it will help.
Thanks a lot.