Looking for Hype DEVELOPER for Responsiveness

Hi there! My name is Carey Averbook. I’ve been working on a multimedia website and a large portion of it has been done through hype. I’m at a point where I’ve hit a wall in getting it to function and be responsive. I am looking to hire someone affordable to help me with this. Primarily, it needs to work on desktops, laptops, and cellphones. The version I have online (to get an idea, because it has since been updated working with a web developer on a map feature for ch1 and some other things) is at www.onlythebridge.com

Chapters 2 through 5 have been made in Hype and those are the website materials I am looking for help with. I am wondering if someone capable is interested in talking to me more about this? This is my graduate thesis project so I am a student and have a limited budget, but I really need this to work on different screen sizes! Please feel free to email me at caverbook@gmail.com - it would be better to reach me there.

I look forward to talking more.