Lock stage position

Hi. I have objecta that originate off the stage. Every single step I take shoots the stage all over the place and after every step I have to stop what I’m doing and center the darned stage. 30 times so far in the past two minutes.

I’m copying elements from one animation to another (not a simple thing) and the positions are all thrown off. As one could imagine, chasing all this stuff around is not a boon to productivity but does wonders for crankiness.

Is there any way to lock the darned thing down?

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When copying and pasting elements, your pasted elements will appear at the same X / Y position as where they were when copied. The best way to copy and paste content without having to move outside of the scene is the match the scene sizes before doing your pasting. (Or, you can zoom out before you paste).

Using a touch pad definitely makes this process easier. Sorry for the difficulty!

Thanks, Daniel. The issue is that if an item is selected and I enter a n X / Y position in the inspector, the stage and all its content shift within the pane so that the selected object is centered in the pane. I then have to manually center the stage or use the Center on Scene command.

So far, I love Hype—except for this one thing I haven’t found a way to prevent:

I am also having the same issue. I’m not sure what Daniel suggested really applies to the issue the OP is having—I don’t think the OP’s issue is about the position when copied/pasted.

I have elements that are animated to stage center—coming from outside the stage While these elements are selected and the animation is scrubbed, the view center will follow them—resulting in the stage view moving all over the place and not remaining centered where I’d like it (because this is what would be seen in a browser. I’d much prefer to keep my stage view where I have it, rather than have the center follow the element that is moving.)

Currently, I will have the stage centered in my preview window, I will scrub the timeline, and my focal point (view center) will move all over the window to center the active element. This can be very frustrating while adjusting animation to visualize how a scene will look in-browser.

Even an option to lock the view to a specific area or “not center on active element” would be a huge improvement to the UX, IMO.

Thanks for the request; I’ve added this as a “+1” in our database. Note that as a slight workaround there is a keyboard shortcut to center the scene: Command-Option-Shift-\ (but of course you might be fighting Hype’s selection a bit).

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