localStorage and symbols problem

I’m using localStorage in a new project I’m working on.
At the same time I’m using symbols that must be revealed when leaving a scene. So far so good.
But after closing and reopening the browser I can resume the scene where I left. But the symbols have gone. Don’t know what’s going wrong.

Untitled.zip (53.3 KB)

You are not saving any info about the symbols state

Ah, I guess I need to to take a look at “localStorage.set/getItem” ?

Well kind of.

You need to set some properties that indicated which behaviours you want to trigger along with the scene to load. At the moment they are not being recorded so all you get and are doing is loading the scene from scratch.

Remember YOU are setting the states when you start another session/close and open a new browser window for your project.

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OK. Maybe I need to explain a bit more what I’m trying to achieve.
When someone starts with the first scene and earns to jump to the second scene, it should be possible to jump from the 2nd to the first and from there jump back to the 2nd. But only if the first scene has been done. So in the end it must be possible to cross jump all the scenes.

the thing is:
a persistant symbol plays once per init.
if you want to play it again you’ve got to start it again OR
there may be no need to use a persistant symbol.

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Loading the symbols again seems to work.
I’ll test some more and show the result.
For now: tyvm @MarkHunte and @h_classen

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Found a nice solution. Works well.
storage&symbols.zip (51.9 KB)