Loading multiple obj objects

Hi, one simple question regarding multiple obj objects. I have created a test with 1 object which can be rotated on the screen by clicking the mouse. I now wanted to try add another obj and use a button + script so that the user can choose to view one or the other object. My problem is the following: In the Resource folder of the project, the second obj file I dropped keep being automatically deleted. Does this depend on the script or is it something to do with Hype?

Thank you!

Just guessing without seeing your Hype doc…

In the “Resources” panel > Is the “Remove when no longer referenced” checkbox selected? If so, that is likely to be the problem.


Hi, thank you. No, that is not the case. But I realized now I was not explaining myself properly.
I am running a three.js to load 3d objects. I follow the three.js instruction and copy one project I found for testing purposes … I could load the first obj and I followed different tutorials trying to understand how to load a second obj 3d model (or single obj+childs) It is not working because even after re-saving or re-naming files, the folder keeps ejecting automatically the second object. So I was wondering if it could be the case that it is not possible for some reasons or else. Thanks for the help in every case.

We’re gonna have to see an example or your hype doc to determine what is going wrong. It would take too much time to try and re-create the problem plus we could then see your three.js setup.

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When sending the document, please make sure to send along the file that is being “ejected”… I’d be curious what file format it is.

Hello guys, thanks for the replies. Reality is, while I asked the question I also found the solution. I implemented arrays and a for loop and I solved the issue. I didn’t think I would get a reply, maybe because I have read stackOverflow and got terrified by the type of answers they provide. I will def share in case I need help. Great job anyway, awesome community! Keep it up guys :slight_smile: