Liquid Layout not working

Hey guys,

Thanks to @michelangelo i managed to figure out how to work a liquid layout, but when adding any new elements to the stage they keep breaking on publish when i rescale them.

All i want is to have persistent symbols which align with the other ones on publish(see the audio button which is broken) but on publish the audio button keeps moving around

Any idea why?

File (41.0 KB)

persistant symbols live outside the constraints of the document :wink: (hence why they can be used / seen during transitions between scenes)

Ah I see,

But then you see Michalangelo managed to get his persistent symbols to scale properly with some css, but when I apply the same class name he has to new ones they don’t.

@michelangelo can you jump in :smile:

of course, I will check the project soon, now I’m busy, sorry :frowning:

In Hype any object must be centered with relative position to the parent element.
I created a group with the bigger “Widget - interactive grid” and the green box.
The new group should be centered or adapt to the width of the layout

The groppo is (371.8 KB)

BTW: you can also use a single object in a group (with the same width of the layout ). Just to add an absolute position (centered) with your element inside.