Links not loading on an animation

(Mike) #1

I have a set of 8 different links on the scene where each paragraph has an external link to a company. The first one works but all the ones after the initial one do not recognize the link as an active element. It’s just registering the link as text. Any idea how to proceed?

Link to the animation:

(james koh) #2

can you share your work?
you need to upload your hype file so that people can see the problem.

(Mike) #3

Suggestion of where to upload it? Google Drive won’t allow a hype file


If you make a zip file, you can use Google Drive or drag and drop it into the reply window on these forums.

(Mike) #5 (265.5 KB)
Here’s the file in question. I tried adding an impromptu clickTag but there is overlaps so I’m having linking issues.

(james koh) #6

I checked your file.
and the one thing I could noticed that text brain was covering all the other text boxes.
so I fixed them by making every single new timeline and make the covered text boxes to move.
i think I did not have to make new timelines but works better now.
here is the edited file. (105.5 KB)