Linking to multiple timelines in the same space

I’ve used multiple timelines before but only a few times. In this example I have a design that I thought should have multiple timelines in order to target/control those areas, but they all exist within the same space. But for come reason when I click on the circle navigation - 2nd from left, it will not load the timeline it calls.

Here’s the file if anyone has a few minutes to take a peek you can download it here.


The element with the click action to start/continue1 is within the navigation symbol. Symbols have their own timelines, so these actions are targeting the symbol’s version, and not the top-level scene’s timelines. The symbol version of “2-Music is” has no animations, so that’s why nothing is happening.

Because symbols can exist on multiple scenes or within other symbols, there’s no guarantee of having a specific timeline available to directly run. So to start the scene’s timeline, you have to do it a little bit indirectly using a feature called Custom Behaviors. It is basically a way to notify other parts of the document to perform an action. The steps to use this would look like:

  • Exit the Symbol so you are at the Scene level
  • In the Scene Inspector, click Add New Behavior in the Custom Behaviors section
  • Change the name “Custom” to something like “Play 2-Music is”
  • Set the action of this to Start Timeline… and select the “2-Music is” timeline
  • Enter the navigation symbol and select the desired “2-music is” element
  • (remove any existing actions)
  • Add an On Mouse Click action that is set to Trigger Custom Behavior and enter in the custom behavior name that you set earlier, “Play 2 Music Is”

And then it should work!

1 you have both start and continue timeline actions on this element, but generally will need only one. Start will always restart a timeline, whereas the Continue will play from its current playhead position and only restart if the playhead position is at the end and the “can restart timeline” box is checked

Thank you Jonathan. I have used Custom Behaviors in the past but my issue is that I only have the opportunity to work in hype once in a blue moon, so I’ve never become fluid or really grasped and retained what I was doing.

That being said, I implemented what you suggested, which was familiar, and I had success - and then i touch something that i swear i didn’t touch and it doesn’t work fully. This happens to me often in Hype and I’m sure it’s me - and not the app.

Here’s my latest if you have tie to take another peek and provide guidance. Thanks so much for everything.


Since everything is happening within the same space, do I need to hide or move whole sections off the live area? Every so often I try to use the display: hidden, but again - because I’m not savy with multiple timelines, this gets confusing for me. If I hide on one - I want it to be seen on another but it does not seem to work that way.

Once last comment :slight_smile: Something odd has happened where I feel that my preview is always stuck on this view. No idea why or how.

One last comment! I made each section into scenes and it seems to work fine now :slight_smile:

Glad you’re having success! To clarify, are you all good, or did you want some guidance on some of the aspects in the latest version?

I think I’m all good. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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