Linking Bootstrap CSS

(Kole) #1

I’m new to Hype.

I’m curious if it’s possible to link Bootstrap CSS files. I’ve tried adding them in the resources panel and adding a test button using the HTML Widget tool, but it doesn’t appear to recognize the Bootstrap styles.

This would be huge for being able to rapidly prototype. Thanks!

(drewbullen) #2

This will work if you add code referencing bootstrap components inside a blank Hype object as in this Jumbotron example: (57.0 KB)

(Kole) #3

This is great! I’m able to use Bootstrap components if I add the code into the same HTML Widget you made, but if I create a new HTML Widget and reference Bootstrape in there it’s not applying the styles.

Here’s an example:

The top is your widget, the bottom is mine with the same exact code.

Is there some other connection I need to make?

(Kole) #4

Oh! Nevermind. I see now that you added the HTML to a rectangle instead of using the HTML Widget.

Thanks for your help!