Line thickness curve

I want to know if next version of Hype can add more advanced line thickness features. I think it’s very good to make an animation with this line.

2019-06-18%2010_09_51-Affinity%20Designer 2019-06-18%2010_08_44-Affinity%20Designer

Here is this image that I have worked with the wonderful Affinity designer software.

The problem is that this isn’t supported by SVG on the web (yet).

See this proposal


You can do the same, just convert the Line in a shape (Layer/expand stroke) and export the shape to hype in swg.



We can’t make promises about features/release dates, but I do agree this would be a great item to add, most likely along with a flash “paintbrush” tool that would make a pressure-sensitive pencil tool.

The above posts are correct; SVG doesn’t support it as part of bezier paths, so the way to accomplish it would be to convert a path to a shape. There’s actually a few other features we need this capability for as well.


Is there any update on this feature? Or any other solutions currently available? Currently looking to implement a feature with a tapered dashed line…

No updates at this time. You would need to construct a filled path that is tapered.