Line Animation on Vector Shapes (made with the new tool)

Hello All,

I was playing around with line animations and made this little helper to calc line length and prep objects to be animated. (36,8 KB)

Let me know what you think



If you weren’t aware, hovering over the “Dash” label in the Path Option of the Vector Shape Inspector will show the current path length. This is temporary; I’m thinking that I can hopefully provide a % based UI for animating the stroke.


Yes, I saw your hype beta presentation but I am lazy and don’t want to update the length and animation every time I touch the path. I want to put this in an extension at some point. Guess we are allowed once hype 4 is official?

Yeah, I think after v4 is launched it would be fine to make it official then.

If the value is % based then my hope is users won’t need to worry about a changing length.


Well if that will be the case in the Hype build then this makes the extension obsolete on the other hand does Hype not want to support the regular w3c Standard or people that actually want to use dashes as pixel based dashes? Either way greatly appreciated.

It would be additive - we wouldn’t get rid of the dash/gap interface. It’d probably be an either/or type of thing that is mainly sugar for folks wanting to do this type of popular animation style.

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