Limit Time For Visits On My Page

Hello friends,

Can someone help me with code that block the page after the date and time passed …?

I want to allow the surfer to watch on only the date and time that I set up. After that the page will be unavailable …



This probably is not the place for a stand alone question like this as it is not really about using Hype.

Saying that this should be doable.

There is already code on the site for a count down timer.
Read through this thread and you will see examples to the code and adapt it to trigger a redirect.

But this is not the same question …?!

This is the Limit Time For Visits and block the page after the date and time passed

I understood that, My suggestion is you look at it’s code and adapt it. The code will be checking the current date against a future date.

And I just realised I wrote that code for you… :smile:

It’s true … You always like the first help (:
I tried but it’s really not blocking access to when the clock ran out):
Do you have any other code … for me …?


I possibly could… but what do you have so far thats not working and how is it not working.?

So that … I want to create a page with limited possibility of his viewing.
In the hype
And restrict the view by the time I choose … I mean if date or time has passed! Those who try to enter this page will get a message like "Sorry, but you are late"
How do I create something like that …?

Check out this example: How to trigger javascript functions in the resourcesFolder on a special day