Layering draggable elements with physics applied

This seems very basic but the result makes me laugh: it explodes like a ketchup bottle.

What should happen is, one letter is dragged off a single pile at a time, changing the CVC word, and in letting go of the letter, the effects of gravity take hold and it falls off the screen.

Tried tweaking all the dials in physics, considering changing letters to images of popcorn. Just a hunch here but I'm assuming that that many interactive elements with physics applied isn't a great idea in close quarters? I realise I could just drag-drop it but wanted to use physics if possible (flick those spent cards away).

As always, thanks for your thoughts. (39.5 KB)

you can apply the physics in the moment the drag starts, moves or ends ... you can do this via timeline. (18,7 KB)

f.y.i the way you included the draganddropenabler is not complete and setup not done. so you can remove it ... :slight_smile:


Thanks h_classen it was bugging me out :smiley:

Thanks to Hans I can share this with you all. Daughter (kindergarten) enjoyed it. (84.0 KB)