Layer Issue with sticky

I put a clickable button (home logo) is on the top layer ( it is not on the landing page but on the other pages)
However, when you scroll down click doesn’t function any more.
Is this a bug or am I missing something here.

Click belowlink to download the project

Remove the ID ‘navBar-1’ from the group inside the symbol and put is as the symbol’s ID.

What is happening is the inner symbol group is staying fixed but the Symbol element is moving. Therefore you cannot click properly.

To see what I mean, with the group using the ID navBar-1.

Give the symbol a thick border. I did this on the one for the Christmas menu.

When you scroll you will see the symbol scroll off the page but the group sticking in place.
Because the symbol is else where you cannot click through it.

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Thank you for the detail explanation, Mark. All sorted.