Kunstjes in Hype

As a 75-year-old still a complete programming layman, I may enjoy editing an example from the Hype Gallery if it includes a downloadable document. Unfortunately I understand little of HTML, nevertheless I usually succeed quite well. I then change parts just as often until I can put my version on my server. For example: snoep (original by Eric Ott!)
My latest attempt involves a small part of a 2016 Michael Johann 'Template Library' document, for which I am very grateful. With this I want to put my paintings online.
Unfortunately, not all the buttons I recreated work correctly. The last button also gives a blurred image, just like in the original document by the way.
I hope a pro of this forum can give me some simple advice. In the Netherlands we call it Jip and Janneke language.
Here is my document online: schilderijen
Artistic greetings

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He Jan, I think this blurry image is simple the result of a too low resolution image being sized up. 41 KB for the last image vs. 365 KB for the image on the left of it.
The blurry image also has a "2x" added to its name, so that may indicate you just picked/choose the wrong file.

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Thank you very much for your directions Rick4F. I have solved it. My main problem was that the enlarged images did not match the button you need to press. I solved this by using the same name for the document as that of the original. Only image 15 and 17 are now swapped. This shortcoming also occurs with the original document. And I can live with that. HypePresentation
Hartelijke groet


Geen probleem, success! :slight_smile: