Keypresses to navigate scenes work locally but not online _


I have a hype project which has multiple scenes which can be navigated to via arrow keys. The exported site works locally exactly as it should. I then place these same docs online and visit the site via the web and everything works except for these keypresses.

Any idea why this is?

Same files in the same browser - the only difference is the local vs online.


Nothing springs to mind immediately as to a cause. The best route would be to look in the web developer console and see if there are any errors. Perhaps there’s also a conflict with something else on the page. If that doesn’t immediately illuminate the problem, it’d be useful to have:

  • a link to the site in question
  • what browser you are testing in
  • a zip of the .hype document if possible, or at least let us know the action handler used (key down, press, or up) and handling code

Hi Jonathan.

I just replied but had to remove as I realised that the files I sent would be public.

Is there any way I can send this through privately?



I’ve sent you a DM you about this; you should be able to check your mailbox on the forums (the little envelope icon in the account item at the top).