Keyboard access on iPad for iBooks widget

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Hi everyone,
Hopefully this is the appropriate category for this question.
I am attempting to create a relatively simple iBooks widget where the user can input notes via the on screen keyboard. I am just wondering if this is something that Hype is capable of doing.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts/help.


not sure if I’m understanding you fully but …

Any text input (in the form of a <input> tag) you put in the innerHTML (of a rectangle for example) will enable the iOS keyboard for the user to use.

You could then use the value as you so wish.

Here is an example if that helps (174.0 KB)

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That is really close to what I am trying to do. Thanks already for sending that. A few things I am curious about…
-Can I change the size of the input box? I don’t see that as an object on the timeline, so unsure where to look to edit it. (sorry, still pretty new to HYPE and JS)
-Can I make the text input wrap so it can be multiple lines?
-Will the notes be stored, in this case, when the iBook widget is closed? (I realize that may be a bit of a special case, but I am primarily using HYPE to extend the functionality of iBooks.)



Edit->Edit innerHTML of the container box.

The style attribute accepts any CSS. So width, height, background, etc …

Note: I set a maxlength of 2 (this makes the input only except 2 characters) You can take this out if you need.

Sure you can change the tag to a textarea example: <textarea cols="25" rows="7"></textarea>

look into localStorage. There is a post here that talks about using it specifically in an iBook widget.

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I used your textarea code and modified it a bit. Thanks! Works pretty great. I am going to look into some more CSS stuff so that I can maybe change things like text size, line spacing etc. I don’t want to keep asking for code, so maybe someone can identify a good source for learning those things. Thanks!!!


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Sweet. Thanks again for all your help!