Keep innerHTML box open when navigating away from app


Hi all,

Is there a chance to keep the innerHTML box open when navigating away from the app to another app and then back again.

For example I’m typing something into the innerHTML box in the Hype app and then I need to refer to some code elsewhere and come back to continue typing only to find the box has closed and to open it I need to press alt-cmd-e twice or click the icon twice (I’m assuming the first click or press is closing the box that isn’t there :slight_smile: ). It’s not that big a deal but a little annoying :slight_smile:



(Mark Hunte) #2

I found this some times.

I think Tumult are most likely using an A NSPopover to display the innerHTML. Closing when the Application loses focus is the norm. But a NSPopover does have methods that control it’s behaviour which I think is known as transient

It may not be the easiest thing to set up for it to stay open when Application loses focus but close when it’s text field loses focus and when you click outside of it. All three behaviours are limited to the API that Apple have made Public for it which is not much and I know from experience can be more pain than it is worth.

But I would like it if this could be done…

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Thanks, I’ve filed this as a bug!

Actually we’re using our own popover class. NSPopover wasn’t available in the 10.6 days, and it turns out to be a really limited class that doesn’t do everything we need.

My vague recollection is that there’s issues keeping a window at the height we need and not covering other application’s windows, so we probably took a shortcut and just dismiss the window.