Just an idea ; making Hype project online like website building website?

I personally think Tumult hype can grow so much bigger if this program is on cloud and anyone can work on their project on browser.
ex) www.dudamobile.com

Specialized platform for sharing hype documents can be another great idea.
I know many people don’t like the idea of monthly membership fee like Adobe.
but I am imagining a social platform full of Hype workpieces.
that would be awesome.
then so many social medias will jump into this platform.

While working on the Hype book project, I found myself recreating features in Hype – WITH HYPE! I created filter sliders and 3D rotation sliders. I’m thinking Hype could easily move to the web. I also think this could be very bad.

The reason I’m here is because I don’t want to rent software. Adobe moved Flash to the “Creative Cloud”. That’s just a euphemism for online slum lord. I don’t want to rent a crappy one-bedroom condo when I can own a house with a view. Hype is that house with a view.

Flash might have great HTML5 exporting in the latest CC version. I don’t know for sure. I don’t care. I don’t want to rent software.

So, if Tumult created an online version of Hype to attract Windows and Linux users, that’s cool. If the Mac version started moved online, then I’d probably stick with the newest app version until better tools were available.


We still think a desktop app is the best form for a tool like Hype, but there are some positive tradeoffs/advantages to making an online version like those both of you mentioned :). We’re constantly thinking about the idea and how to engineer it to keep as combined of a codebase as possible - we clearly wouldn’t want any feature to take 2x the work.


I agree with @Photics,

But also Apple have been venturing into cloud based apps for a little while now, Numbers, Pages etc. But every time I have used them I have run into a brick wall with their lack of features that the real apps have and I then cannot wait to get back to doing what is needed with the real app.

These web apps for me are only for convenience and not something I would wish to be stuck on.

I also believe that to maintain a web app in the long run may be harder, due to the fact you have no control over all the web engines. And would constantly be sifting through bugs due to another update that has changed something that should be standard across all browsers.

With updates to native apps APIs I think you at least get some lead time and notifications of most changes and also a bigger gap.

And as a end user I have yet to see a web app that works as well a native app…


I totally agree what you said.
I think Hype mac app version needs to be there for professionals.
I meant for general web version of Hype can be good as well.
monthly paying was my one idea but i think this can go free and get advertisements like Facebook.

As I said earlier this is just an idea :smile: