Issues with Exporting Hype Ads for DFP

Hey guys,

I am working on a pretty large set of ads that need to be trafficed through DFP. My issue is that my colleagues in AdOperations need to have a single html file and the images in a zipped up folder. I can post the hype.js to our CDN, and then have the html pull in that script, but it seems to be not referencing the local image files. Is there a way to effectively box up everything for DFP in one folder that doesn’t require hand editing the html to point to the CDN paths?

You can define a CDN to load Hype’s runtime from using the Advanced Export feature. Your export will then only contain your generated JS file (that your HTML file points to) and your media for the ads.

Can you clarify:

When you load the .html file, which in turn points to the generated JS file (from within the resources folder), the images and media are loaded from that same directory. I’m not really understanding at what step in your deployment it stops working.

We’ve run a bunch of ads on DFP for our sites, so the AdOps team has those units available for me to reference. In each case, they have a single folder with one HTML file, and then the images that the units are using. They load the html file into DFP along with the images, and then they launch that, I believe.

They have been balking about the various .js files in the folder that I’ve delivered to them for testing (the hype.js files etc). I am trying to continue using Hype, but also generating the files and the structure they’re expecting to receive.

If you uncheck IE support, the restorable plist, and use a CDN, your folder structure would look like this:

The only JS file in there using these options is the JS required to load your Hype document (which pulls the runtime from your CDN).

This folder structure is from using these options:

Ok, I am getting closer. How do I go about embedding that generated hype.js file into the html?

Hype takes care of that reference: The HTML generated during the export process (default.html) includes a reference to the documentname_hype_generated_script.js file in my example here.

II want to export an add for DFP, reading this post helps me a lot.
But what is an CDN? is that the server of the receiving party?

This should help:

It is the server that hosts your file. It is like a regular web server, but optimized for speed, exists in more locations, and has higher uptime.

Thanx, if I use my own server/site as external runtime url and share the html-file with the host/advertisement agency.
Is that possible? < I host the assets en they publish the htm. >

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