Issues in responsiveness on ios and android

I have a site that when exported gives sizing and other responsiveness issues. It works fine when I test it on reflect and safari (via reflect)


  1. Site breaks in chrome on ios when orientation of phone changes from portrait to landscape and back to portrait. It works fine on portrait and even landscape but if the orientation changes back to portrait the main image that was pinned ot the left and top edges goes off screen.

  2. On chrome for android the site works but when I open up a typeform in an iframe i cant seem to get the focus on the form (html widget) even when i touch the form input element etc. The form appears but I cant enter anything in there. This happens only on chrome on android.

  3. One font on a button does not work on chrome for android - the font gets replaced with some other font. It works fine on my mac (chrome) and even on ios but the font gets replaced on android.

  4. Is there a way to test the site on android while we are working on it - without having to export and upload in on a webserver/mac server? I mean something like a reflect for android?

I am using hype pro 3.5.1 See attached hype project/doc

Has anyone faced such issues with responsiveness? (787.8 KB)

I use also this emulator for Mac
quite good.

…however, the tests are reliable only on real devices :frowning: