Issue with Hype OAM in Adobe Muse


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I am able to embed Hype OAM in Muse and view in Safari using Shift-Command-E. When the document is uploaded to the web the Hype OAM is no longer visible. Help!!!


Can you share a link? Sometimes this happens when not all resources are uploaded. You may see an error in your browser’s developer console with missing resources. In Chrome, you get see the error console by typing ⌘ + shift + i

(podratic) #3 it should be an animated menu to the right hand side of the browser.


It looks like your Hype document was not uploaded – can you double check that it is in this folder on your server?

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Strange. When I upload OAMs created in Edge Animate they work. I prefer using Hype because the functions are more intuitive. I am using Muse’s FTP upload (which automates the process). Guess I’ll have to figure out how to access using something like FileZilla.


I just tested this out using Muse’s built in FTP uploader and everything uploaded correctly when using a Hype-generated OAM. Here is the package which was created: (146.7 KB)

Can you take a look in the ‘assets’ folder in your site and make sure that all your widget assets have uploaded?

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When I upload the content I think its all there, it just isn’t visible. I will check again.


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I tried it with another domain that is hosted by Adobe Business Catalyst and it works. Maybe it’s there is something going on with Godaddy (the host of the previous example). Thanks so much for the troubleshooting.

I definitely prefer working Hype vs. Animate. Keep up the good work.


If you can export it to regular HTML first, and then upload with an FTP program like Cyberduck, you’ll get clearer picture of whether all your resources have uploaded. Hope that helps!