Issue uploading OAM to Wordpress Plugin

So, Installed the plugin, but it is not working (WordPress 5.3.2 , php 7.2). It shows on the interface, and it seems to be uploading, but all file upload attempts show the same shortcode [hypeanimations_anim id=“0”].
I uninstalled the plugin and tried reinstalling, but nothing changed.

Hmm that’s odd

  • If the file size of the oam is too large, it might silently fail. Does it work with a super simple / small oam file?
  • Are you able to upload images in your media library? (This helps figure out if there are permissions errors with your WP installation)
  • Do you know what version of PHP the server is running?

Hi! Crazy busy times…

  • Small file (241KB)
  • I can upload images
  • Running PHP 7.2

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