Is this where I submit bugs?

I was playing around with Hype yesterday and I have a bunch of feedback that I would normally submit as bugs. I don’t see a place to do this. Some are bugs, some are usability issues, and some are enhancements.


  • Scaling after rotation doesn’t work correctly (bug)
  • Missing context menus for animations (usability)
  • Moving the origin is difficult (usability)
  • It would be great to show where the animation is on the motion path (enhancement)
  • It would be great to have element snapping behavior (enhancement)
  • The SVG stroke width seems incorrect (bug)

I have details for all of this, but it seems strange to put them on a forum.

The best place to report bugs is via the Help > Report an Issue… menu. With this we’ll also get some basic logs and you can attach documents.

Alternatively you can email (or if it concerns a beta build).