Is this type of parallax responsive website possible with hype pro?

Hi Guys I want to make a website responsive such as the following:
Where the pictures in the bg change as I scroll down the webpage.

Would like to try this effect on the Nakuru Africa Template you have available for download.

Last, if possible, will the parallax effect work seamlessly across all devices that support it?

Wow, the new Mac Pro page, one of the worst examples of modern web design. That… and all the bootstrap websites. HA HA. Maybe I’m old school. When I see “Parallax” I think of the cool video games from the 90’s.

But since you’re showing examples, here’s one of my favorites…

…it’s not exactly parallax scrolling like old video games, but so cute. Could that be made in Hype today? Well, layers can be moved at different speeds. The trick would be controlling the animation to the position of the scroll bar. That seems like something that could be done with JavaScript, but would probably take some effort…

I’m not sure, but maybe this will help…

…but why do it?! Scrolling sites are this generation’s Furby…

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That Robomow website took things to the next level. Thx for sharing.

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turn it around -> create a website using skrollr then you can easily embed your hypeexports within …

same topic

:grinning: I had to chuckle at this one

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the new Mac Pro page, one of the worst examples of modern web design.

Totally agree….
I thought it was just me, the animations and visuals are pretty cool, but the usability of the site and the fact you have to drag your finger repeatedly on the screen to make something happen, really sucks.

Perhaps it’s the work of the same Apple person who thought; suddenly putting COPY, CUT and PASTE buttons, right where you are trying to delicately manipulate text on an iPad / iPhone, wouldn’t hinder you in the slightest or that shaking your device, to undo something, wouldn’t make you look like a nutter when using it on the train. :smile:

Update… Should have checked before posting, they’ve actually modified the site :slight_smile:

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