Is this sort of video sequence playback possible?

Hi – totally new to Hype here. So I’d like to create an interactive POV game that’s essentially just a sophisticated video player. Specifically …

  • This would have a basic control interface, separate from the element, with clickable/tappable PNG control buttons to trigger onClick MP4 events (no playback controls in the element itself).

  • Each triggered MP4 event would need to be a sequence of short (a few seconds at maximum) MP4 files that would play in a pre-defined order. The transition from one file to another would need to be as smooth and seamless as possible – so the user can’t really tell it’s a series of shorter clips versus one longer clip.

  • Once a sequence is finished, it would either need to auto-loop back on itself or bounce to a second pre-defined MP4 sequence … and then back again to the first sequence … essentially making it appear to auto-loop in that way.

  • Each PNG control button links to a specific sequence or set of sequences, and there may be as many as five or six control buttons visible at the same time in the controller interface to click/tap.

  • All these MP4s would be 720p HD running at 60 FPS, but this would be run locally (downloadable content) and not streamed/cached from a live site.

So … is this all possible? If so, I’m assuming it would require some extra JavaScript programming beyond Hype’s built-in behaviors?

Hi J. LaMar,

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What you’ve outlined above would certainly be within Hype’s feature set; while You might be able to run many things using timelines & symbols I would definitely expect to be using JavaScript in the mix; and possibly as You move along in your project You will utilize it more & more. Hype will not be a limiting factor of the “seamlessness” of the video sequences, the device~browser it’s played on will have greater impact.

You haven’t mentioned what part sound will play in your game (apart from the sound in the video). Hype has no native sound controls such as panning & volume. You will need a JavaScript library - or warm up your JavaScript chops - to implement even the simplest “3D” sound scenario.

The one thing that does not show up in the Hype’s “feature set” is the outstanding support that “Team Tumult” provides (and members of the Forum too). I’ve never encountered such a sustained, engaged interaction by the people that create the software with the people that use it. The value of this support can not be overstated.



Hi – and thanks so much for the insight.

I may drop the framerate down to 30 FPS, as 60 really isn’t necessary and will only bloat file sizes.

Speaking of video, given varying degrees of browser support for HTML5 video, would it make for a more universal experience if I used JPEG or PNG image sequences running at 30 FPS, rather than MP4 video? The overall file sizes would be much larger, of course, but I’d trade that for assuring maximum browser compatibility.

I wasn’t going to use audio for my initial release, but I should start exploring the necessary JavaScript now for eventual audio.

Thanks again!

Browsers and devices are highly optimized at playing video; many have dedicated hardware support. I’d just recommend making an mp4 and ogv and you should be good.


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Thanks, Jonathan! I’ll gladly stick to MP4 video then (much more efficient file sizes).