Is it possible to build sites like these with Hype?

I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to build sites like the following, using Hype:

Some of these are pretty advanced. But they are very similar to what my partner and I are looking for. We thought Hype might be a good tool to create something similar because we want the website to be a tool that visitors can use to explore / tour the information we have.

Any feedback is appreciated. And if you think it’s possible, and you think you could help us put something together, please let me know. We need some help. Thanks.

Hi Russ,

Everything is possible :wink:

I believe these could all be done in Hype. Some may have to have a little JS love applied but every one of your examples I’m confident are achievable.


That’s good to hear. Are you doing any Hype freelancing work? I need someone to help me put this together. I’m still mocking everything up and putting together wireframes. But I need to find someone soon.

I may be able to squeeze something in. Let me know by PM if or when you need me.


Sounds good. Thanks.