Is anyone successfully using Hype with DoubleClick?

Our studio’s been using Hype for all our HTML5 needs since July of 2016. We love the program but have just come across a bit of a problem, in that our Marketing department has informed us that will no longer be using Adform as our ad server and will instead be moving to DoubleClick, effective immediately.

I’ve been experimenting over the last week with uploading our HTML5 banner creative to DoubleClick and have met with no success. I’ve been using the DoubleClick export script but the files do not show in up in the preview on DoubleClick. I’m primarily a designer with a very limited knowledge of javascript, and the same is true of the rest of our team. I was wondering if anyone uses Hype with DoubleClick? I’ve been through the forums but have been unable to find anything that solves my problem.

Any help of any kind would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t know anything about DoubleClick, but if you go to the URL above, it shows all the Forum posts

I’ve already worked my way through those, sadly. I couldn’t find anything in there that helped me. Much appreciated though.

It’s the weekend. Knowing this group, someone who has the knowledge will most likely chime in.

Can you double check that you don’t have any adblockers running? (This has happened to me before, where everything seemed fine but I had one running)

Otherwise, can you share a sample export and Hype file?

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Hi Daniel. Thanks for coming back to me. I have no adblockers running. I have made some small amount of progress since posting though, although I’m still a way off. I discovered that the use of folders for masking seems to be causing issues. If you remove the masks, the banner is visible in the preview window on DoubleClick.

I’ve attached the .hype file I’ve been experimenting with here. There are two banners in there, one with masks (that doesn’t work) and one without (that does). You’ll see I’ve also attempted to add ClickTag functionality into the header, unsuccessfully. That’s all new to us, as we used to use a drag and drop interface via Adform to implement ClickTags. I’m not sure if this necessary when using the DoubleClick export script or not.

Finally, I was wondering about the HYPE-584.thin.min.js file. Our clients impose very strict file size limitations upon us of 100kb. As you can imagine, that makes life difficult. Previously we hosted the file on a CDN so it didn’t have to be included with the export, which worked fine. However, when I try and do the same and then import the banner into DoubleClick it doesn’t seem to work and I don’t see anything in the preview window. If I bundle the file in with everything else, it works. Is it necessary to package HYPE-584.thin.min.js in with the export for it to work with DoubleClick?

Thanks alot for your time. (214.8 KB)

It looks like the issue is that you have SVG inside of an HTML Widget (iframe) and the automatic click tag system that Double Click uses is not able to assign a click event to that frame. I recommend copying out the SVG data and placing it within the inner HTML of a regular rectangle. Currently, Hype is generating a small snippet of HTML containing a series of SVG elements ( like this one).


Ah. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks a lot for that.