Interactive map using hype

Hi All,

I just share my latest work, please kindly to review or comment it… Thanks guys…

Here it’s: Interactive Map using Hype



Hi Ilham!

A little more context would be helpful…

I see our “hero”- the young aeronaut (the balloon is his vehicle?) - what is his “role” (Is he a tour guide, adventurer, etc.)? Basically what is the overall idea of your project?

Is this a work in progress? I see lots of interactive markers but nothing happens when I click on them.

What is there right now looks good.

Thanks Jim,

yup you’re right, the balloon is the vehicle for the aeronaut but its to difficult to to show the interaction between the hero and his vehicle. The basic idea of this is to show where the hero has been come to the place in the map and for next time maybe he can be arrive there again.

and yup this is not complete yet, still on progress to make the markers have a contents. any ideas maybe?


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Link Update to All my animation using Hype…
Please visit to

You got some really nice animations there!

Thanks Trond… :blush: