Inkscape 1.0 — Very Soon

This post is a reminder about Inkscape. It’s open source software for working with vector graphics.

Release Notes

This version is a release candidate , released on April 9, 2020.

If we find no major problem with it, it will be released in a few weeks as the 1.0 Inkscape version.

If you haven’t tried Inkscape, or you haven’t used it recently, I like the new update. It doesn’t need X11 anymore, so it’s like a normal app. I consider it a very good alternative to Adobe Illustrator. With Hype an alternative to Flash, Inkscape an alternative to Illustrator, and Pixelmator an alternative to Photoshop, you might be able to break free from software rentals.

I’ve also been using Pages as an alternative to Quark / Indesign. Was this the right move? Heh, I should know in about two months.