Incoming connections dialog

(Greg) #1

I upgraded to system 10.10.4 and I get this dialog box upon every launch of Hype…

How can I get rid of it???


Visit System Preferences, Security and Privacy, and either turn your firewall off, or follow these steps:

This will fix the nag for:

Do you want the application "" to accept incoming connections?

(Greg) #3

I’ve tried that and a reboot but the issue remains :cry:


This might have something to do with you being one of our awesome Beta testers and having multiple copies of Hype. Removing .plist files might resolve the problem for you:

(Greg) #5

I’ve removed the beta’s and plists, still no joy :confounded:

Can I re-install, or would I lose my license by doing that? (I did not buy from the Apple Store)


You can reinstall and use the same serial number again. Something like ‘Appcleaner’ might get all the little plists and additional parts of Hype that might be lying around your system.