Importing SVG file from illustrator

After importing an SVG file created in illustrator a square boundary box appears around svg shape which means it won’t interact with other objects.

see screenshot:

the black ball sits on the surface of the boundary box instead of falling through the tunnel created.

How can I make the black ball fall through the tunnel created in the blue rectangle?

It is difficult to diagnose your problem without seeing both the SVG file and the HYPE project. Try posting your project (or a simplified version of your issue) here so others can make suggestions.

Sure, I have attached an example, as you can see the grey ball sits on top of the svg frame (18.3 KB)

It is difficult to cause interactions with complex shapes like this using the current physics engine. Simply making a SVG shape and designating it a static element is not enough.

Here is one way to fake it based on your example: (16.5 KB)

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thanks, interesting workaround