Import Excel Doc into Hype?

Very simple thing I want to do! I have made a excel doc but id like to present it inside my Hype Document so I dont have to alt tab mid presentation, is there anyway I can do this?

Sorry if this has been asked before I cannot see the solution

I am guessing this is something that just cannot be done?

Looks like you can export the excel doc as a webpage.

Then use maybe a widget to load it in

You can even export each page as a pdf and drop them into the hype scene where the get converted to images or drop them into the resouces as pdfs and do the same with a widget as above.
( turn off auto optimise on the pdfs for them to show up)
When done as PDFs the act like normal pdfs in a webpage.

I did also mange a multi page pdf.

But single page probably better and just use scene to transion. (1.5 MB)


Thanks so much, will look into this over the weekend! thanks a lot for the help