Iframe function to control the hype scroll

Hi guys,

this is the situation:

I have this form (made by a partner):

this form is embedded inside an iframe on my hype, here:

The problem is:
when the users clics on “continua” to the bottom of the form, he will skips to question #1, but this question is on top of the page. So I need that when user clics “continua” inside the iframe embedded form, my hype doc scrolls on top.

I tried a couple of solutions but, me i’m not a dev, and the partner who made the form doesn’t know hype, so we r blocked.


“INSERISCI IL TUO CODICE ABBONATO” <– I have no idea what to enter in the corresponding field, which appears necessary to get “continua” to become active.

Also, providing your Hype document would make it easier for Forum members to offer helpful solution(s).

Thanks Jim,
unfortunately i can’t give code or access, so the dev partner solved the problem himself.

Thanks anyway

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