I own Hype3 Pro. How to revert from 4 upgrade trial

I clicked the upgrade requester in the app and I hesitate to purchase the pro version upgrade. Seems pricey for the amount of additions 4 offers. So I upgraded to the trial version. So if I don’t like 4 how do I revert to hype 3 pro?

You should still have the Hype 3 app in your Applications folder.

Hype 4 and Hype 3 are separate apps.

Just be aware that a project opened in 4 and saved with changes will not open in 3 after.

The Mac App Store version will keep both, but if you are using the direct Tumult Store version of Hype it will do a replacement when updating in app (via Sparkle). You can get the direct v3 download via this link: https://tumult.com/hype/download/v3

FYI, this was the biggest update by # of changes that we’ve done :smile:.