I have a link button over my whole ad, but the pointer cursor doesn't appear

I’m making a banner ad that has a transparent button over the whole ad, and a smaller button, also transparent, over that one. The big button links to another webpage. The little button moves to a spot in the timeline where a rectangle containing some legalese slides over the whole ad.

In both cases the pointer cursor does not show. I’ve set the desired cursor to Pointer, and unchecked “Ignore all pointer options”. The big button clicks just fine. The small button doesn’t move to the new spot in the timeline.

The buttons need to be transparent. I’ve tried setting fill to “none”, and setting it to “color” with a low (1%) opacity or 0% opacity. Makes no difference.

The overlay is positioned all the way off screen until the timeline is invoked (by the little button) to slide it down.

What steps should I take to trouble shoot this? I’ve made dozens of these but haven’t encountered this problem before.

It’s difficult to see what’s happening without seeing an example. Can you re-create it? Maybe you can’t share your ad but perhaps a basic example like 2 rectangles with the same movement and properties? Some problems might be grouping and which element you have applied the click on.

Yeah, I can’t post the ad because any of our client’s competitors on this forum would have a deep insight into our marketing plans :wink: The buttons aren’t grouped. The bigger button has a z-index of 32, and the small button has a z-index of 31, though in the timeline, the small button is above the big button. Each button has a different click event.

I’ll see if I can obfuscate it enough to post a version.

Did you ever figure out the issue?