Hype's Timeline

I’m having difficulty getting used to the logic of Hype’s timeline. It’s not intuitive having to use the “Visible” and “Hidden” radio buttons in order to make an object/sprite available or not.
In its present form, the timeline shows only the changes made to an object. In my opinion it should also show the presence of the object. I should be able to place an object directly in the frame 50 for instance and it should be indicated in the timeline only there, not from the frame 1.


Thanks for this feedback. Hype’s timeline is a bit more reflective of the lifetime of HTML elements themselves - and they do exist at those other points. We tried to make the “hash” drawing reflective of this and still show where it exists. But I agree having easier ways to make in/out points would be nice.

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I’m surprised this feature request hasn’t garnered any more likes (other than mine) or more responses.

The utility of being able - at a glance - to scope exactly what is going on in the viewport~timeline strikes me as extremely valuable; especially when there are more than just a few elements in play - many of which may have no changes made to their initial settings.

Additionally, I would like to add to the OP’s request the ability to collapse the Timeline elements column so that only the elements present in the viewport (visible or not) are displayed. This feature would not only reduce the visual clutter but also serve to minimize the scrolling to get to the currently essential elements.

Thank You.


I like the thought of being able to hide anything not in the active timeline.