Hype.zip file returns mail-spam-error

When sending a zipped file (export from hype document) my outboundmailfilter returns a spam-error.
550 Message contained spam content (antispamcloud.spam.maljszip04.UNOFFICIAL)
Sending other .zip files there is no problem.

Haven’t seen this specific issue yet. Your spam filter is likely unzipping the file and finding that it contains JavaScript, and then blocking it. You might want to share with a different service like Dropbox or Google Drive (make sure you also make a zip file when using these services).

good suggestion, I used wetransfer for sending :wink: 54kb!

But, the strange thing is I have been sending ‘same’ zip file several times the last week… never got a spam-message. Guess the outbox filter settings has been changed by host? Greetings

does it do it for all hype zips i.e other projects

No … only the zip I made of an ‘advanced export’ project.
If I use the html export and zip this file, there is no problem sending it.
I am waiting for a response of my e-mail Host…