Hype Universe #3 / Jan 2020

Hype Universe News January 2020

We’re back with inspirational animations, a celebration of the 25 year lifespan of Flash, and new tutorials and tools for you to get the most out of Tumult Hype.

HTML5 generation gives eulogy to Flash

Let’s start 2020 with a flashback: We just posted a celebration and history of Flash’s 25 amazing years on our blog where we start in 1996 with the launch of a vector animation tool called FutureSplash. It’s hard to believe Flash will become abandonware at the end of the year.

Animations We Love

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We’re happy to share an animated comic/Apple iBook built in Hype called ‘Masters of the Sun‘. The comic was produced by the Black Eyed Peas and voiced by Stan Lee, Queen Latifah, Snoop Dogg & many more. Kelly Gabrysch shared the project with us and handled the conversion of static layouts into dynamic animated pages. The pages are synced up to voice overs and a stunning soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

Russell Head, a longtime friend of Hype, shared a new track and animated mandala-style visualization on his site. HTML5 version here / Forums Link

Kalle on the Tumult Forums shared a great example of shape morphing by demonstrating 10 dog breeds in outline form.

Tutorials and Tips

Tumult Hype works great with the new Sidecar feature in Mac OS Catalina. Grab your iPad and Apple Pencil and watch our new tutorial.

Max Zieb started a project called Hype Cookbook to compile code snippets, JavaScript API tips, and resources for building advanced documents.

Do you edit code in Visual Studio Code? Go grab the new snippet plugin for rapid Hype JavaScript API lookups.

:newspaper_roll: Special Shoutouts

Hans-Gerd Claßen shared an incredible demo of a drag & drop system. To use his demo, you only need to add classes in Hype’s interface to elements. He also recently released a fun game called ‘Rubik’s Mad Scramble’.

Friend and master of all things Hype @Photics, who built a pretty sweet Mac Dashboard Replacement called Widgets, is working on a print book for Tumult Hype 4. Follow this post to be notified when it’s available.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to recommend a tutorial or share one of your own Hype projects with us, get in touch at contact@tumult.com.

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— Team Tumult